How does a flower subscription work?

A Burghblooms flower subscription is designed to fit your needs and provide you with premium blooms from our urban flower farm.


You select the subscription type from our options, and you will receive a bouquet of seasonal, specialty flowers on a monthly, twice a month, or weekly basis.

Contactless delivery within 3 miles of Burghblooms is available, or you can pick up at Burghblooms in the East End. You can view a map of our delivery radius here.

Where are the flowers grown?


All the flowers included in the subscriptions are grown at our micro urban flower farm (read - tiny farm in the middle of the city!). 

flowers sunflower arrangement mason jar

What kinds of flowers will be in my bouquets?

Our subscription arrangements are "grower's choice," meaning I get to go out and harvest for you the best and freshest blooms. You can expect annual flowers such as sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias, as well as fragrant foliage like basil and lemon balm. You can also expect dahlias, the darlings of late summer, towards the end of the season.


The arrangements will change as the season progresses, which is one of the magical things about them! 

Why buy local flowers?


There are many important reasons to support locally grown flowers. The vast majority (80%) of the flowers sold in the United States are imported from other countries. In addition to abusive labor practices, toxic chemicals are commonly used to grow those flowers, and the impact on humans and the environment is extremely detrimental. 

Because imported flowers must be shipped great distances and be without water for many days, their flowers are limited to only the ones that can withstand transport and arrive to you after being many days old.

By contrast, because we typically harvest our flowers within one day of you receiving your order, your flowers from Burghblooms are fresh and selected for their special beauty. We are able to provide unique flowers with an array of forms, fragrance, and color without the use of pesticides. Care for our environment and our community is a priority, so we use growing methods that are sustainable and inspired by organic practices.

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Can I purchase a subscription for my workplace?

Yes! A flower subscription is a perfect way to add color and charm to your work environment. 

flowers cosmos bee.jpg

What if I can't pick up one of my arrangements? 

Life is filled with the unexpected. If you're not able to pick up on your pickup day due to an emergency, contact us and we will try our best to figure something out with you. Any unclaimed arrangements will be donated.

Why do I pay now if I won't get flowers until July?


Similar to a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) model, the purchase of a subscription enables us to invest more in the growth of our urban farm.


Money from your subscription purchase helps us continue to grow and make investments into the upcoming season with additional plants, amendments to improve soil, infrastructure such as irrigation that will allow us to grow Burghblooms and provide you with the most beautiful flowers possible.


Other Questions?

 Please contact me with any questions. I'm happy to hear from you!