Growing flowers
in Pittsburgh for Pittsburgh


Burghblooms was born as an idea after going to a local u-pick farm and cutting flowers for my daughter's first birthday party. The joy of cutting and arranging those flowers inspired me to seek a more consistent relationship with growing and cutting flowers in my daily life. 

My family and I live in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Larimer, a place that consists of over 40% vacant property, having been disinvested in by the city for many decades. Our home is bordered by vacant lots, and a priority for us is to be responsible stewards of this land in order to positively impact our community.


Burghblooms is the result of two desires: to make flowers a daily part of life, and to contribute to the betterment of our neighborhood. It is a passion project, an adventure, and a blessing to transform a vacant lot into a productive urban flower farm. 

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